Associação Universitária de Pesquisa em Psicopatologia Fundamental

São Paulo, 22 de março de 2019

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On May 18, 2002, in compliance with the public notice of convocation of April 17, 2002, at 11:00 a.m., in the Municipality of São Paulo, Brazil, at Rua Tupi, 397, 10th Floor, Room 104 - CEP 01233-001, the following persons, Manoel Tosta Berlinck, Vera Lucia Silva Lopes Besset, José Luiz Caon, Marta Rezende Cardoso, Henrique Figueiredo Carneiro, Paulo Roberto Ceccarelli, Ademir Pacelli Ferreira, Ana Cristina Costa de Figueiredo, Sérgio de Gouvêa Franco, Maria Cristina Machado Kupfer, Isabel da Silva Kahn Marin, Ana Cleide Guedes Moreira, Virginia Moreira, Carmen Lucia Montechi Valladares de Oliveira, Mario Eduardo Costa Pereira, Edilene Freire de Queiroz, Ana Maria Rudge, Tânia Coelho dos Santos, Meriti de Souza and Silvia Abu-Jamra Zornig, met with the sole and exclusive purpose to found a civil non-profit association to represent and address the wishes of the researchers of the University Association for Research in Fundamental Psychopathology. Dr. Manoel Tosta Berlinck was indicated to preside at the session and he requested that I, Dr. Edilene Freire de Queiroz, serve as its secretary. The president addressed those present of the need to set up an organization that could represent, defend and sustain the researchers of the University Association for Research in Fundamental Psychopathology, in view of the difficulties of our times and the advances of the system of production of scientific knowledge in Brazil and in the world. After brief applause, the President, Dr. Berlinck, suggested the name and address of the Association, which was immediately and unanimously approved as the ASSOCIAÇÃOUNIVERSITÁRIA DE PESQUISAEM PSICOPATOLOGIA FUNDAMENTAL [hereinafter translated and referred to in English as the UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATION FOR RESEARCH IN FUNDAMENTAL PSYCHOPATHOLOGY], with principal place of business in this City of São Paulo at Rua Tupi, 397, 10th floor, Room 104, Higienópolis, CEP 01233-001. The president then distributed to all those present a copy of a draft of the statutes to be discussed. After debate, item by item, the Statutes of the University Association for Research in Fundamental Psychopathology were approved in full, and are attached hereto. After the foundation, the President began the election. The Board of Directors of the said University Association for Research in Fundamental Psychopathology shall be the following: President: Manoel Tosta Berlinck; Secretary: Edilene Freire de Queiroz; First Secretary: Vera Lucia Silva Lopes Besset; Treasurer: Mario Eduardo Costa Pereira; First Treasurer: Isabel da Silva Kahn Marin; and the following were elected as the Audit Committee: Paulo Roberto Ceccarelli, Sérgio de Gouvêa Franco and Ana Maria Rudge. Following applause. the President proclaimed the election of the Board of Directors, which will serve May 18, 2002, until May 17, 2004; said newly elected members took office, solemnly promising to do everything in their power so that the Association may attain its objectives as rapidly as possible. Then, pursuant to Article 14, Subsection 4, of the Statutes, it was determined that the members of the Association shall pay annual dues, in 2002, of three hundred reais (R$ 300.00), which may be paid in up to 6 installments. Finally, the President invited all those who so wished, to express themselves. There then being nothing more to treat, the President thanked all for their presence and closed the Extraordinary General Meeting and determined that I, as Secretary, draw up the present minutes and have them registered with the competent public organs in order to cause the necessary legal effects. The present Minutes are hereby signed by me, Secretary, and by the President, as proof of their having been approved.


Manoel Tosta Berlinck



Edilene Freire de Queiroz